Saundra Jones was born and raised in Tennessee where she earned her degree in Medical Laboratory Science and later pursued her dream of art by studying at Lincoln Memorial University in the Visual Arts Program, studio training in oil under Ouita Northcutt and also earning a scholarship with the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee where she studied Printmaking under April Katz and Pastel under Maryland artist, Leonard Koscianski. Her work has been displayed in private collections and public showings in the United States and Canada. Saundra currently resides in Canada where she enjoys traveling to many wonderful places for photographing source material to bring to her studio.”Painting is like breathing to me. I paint every chance I get and also write children’s stories. I was inspired at an early age by Beatrix Potter’s books. I also love reading a vast assortment of genres, playing piano and learning mandolin. I try to go home to Tennessee as often as I can because my roots are there and the landscape is so beautiful. Growing up on a farm has definitely inspired me to paint landscapes, animals and things in nature. I like to paint en plein air, but mostly from photographs. I love taking the image and eternally preserving it on canvas with my own interpretations of that image, and bringing out those little details that are often overlooked, such as a shadow or texture. I paint from a variety of mediums and subjects. The medium I use depends on the subject and whatever I feel goes right for the painting or the illustration. I frequently paint in watercolor, oil and pastel. I’ve been inspired by many artists and have many favourites. I love Georgia O’Keefe’s works in particular. I’ve always been fascinated with her landscapes.”

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